The Covid-19 pandemic has very quickly changed everyday life for us all and the situation changes daily. Our thoughts are with those on the frontline; doctors, nurses and the emergency services who are putting themselves at risk to save the lives of others.


This is an uncertain time for everyone. By working together, we will come through this and our relationships will become even stronger.

We are also thankful for those working hard to keep food and necessities available, who are ensuring a steady flow of fuel to emergency and delivery vehicles and those behind the scenes, working tirelessly to make sure we are able to communicate and stay connected in a virtual world.

Everyone has a role to play in fighting this pandemic and our priority as always is on the health and well-being of our colleagues, candidates, clients and suppliers, their families and friends. We take our duty of care seriously and have introduced all possible measures to help avoid spreading the Coronavirus in our offices and by working with our clients.

Across the Reachout Group, the impact of Covid-19 has seen our business units need to adapt to meet the needs of clients and candidates. As we focus on responding to the individual needs and requirements of our clients.

We continue to monitor the ongoing situation in the UK, in all the regions and on the spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19) and are doing everything we can to keep you all updated whenever we have new information. Please stay up to date with the latest official information and follow the advice from global medical organisations

Reachout Medical and the impact on our workforce with a possible Second Wave of COVID-19

We are seeing a rise in Covid cases and what appears to be a second wave, after the initial first wave we saw in the spring.

There is nervousness creeping back in, employees are nervous, and employers are preparing for the possibility in case it becomes a reality.

The Second Wave

As yet it’s still not possible to confirm if this is the second wave, though the consensus among experts is that a second wave is very likely and with infection rates going up quickly. With Government changing the rules on social gatherings and now with more than 25% of the population now under further restrictions, we are seeing a rapid increase in infections and the measures are attempts to push this curve down.

There is more knowledge and information to help and treat the virus. How this wave will look is hard to tell. A number of predictions suggest that it may not be as high as in the spring, though with winter and coming, it could be longer. We are seeing a more regional and local measures, though data suggests that in nearly all areas, the virus is on the rise. We have seen the government introduce some new national restrictions.

Most models suggest that rise will continue and compounded with the flu season this winter there will be a huge demand again on the NHS.

Workplace ready

Many areas within the UK Medical Sector, felt the impact of Covid during the first wave, as a company we saw a huge drop off in opportunities and those that carried on we saw significant changes and they had to adapt to be ‘COVID-secure’.

In the last 6 weeks we have seen a huge increase in opportunities as the sector opens up again. Clients have in place many checks and strong procedures to ensure the safety of those working in these environments and the patients.


Reachout Medical is reassuring its own staff that their workplace is ‘COVID-secure’.

We work a lot with contract resources and we have been busy explaining the measures and procedures our clients are taking. The safety of those working through us and for us is paramount. Should you feel that the conditions are not suitable, please contact Reachout Medical to discuss these concerns.